Craft Project

Background about KYDA HIV/AIDS Care and Support Project for OVCs and Other HIV +VE Young People

KYDA started a pilot project dealing with HIV/AIDS positives age 5 to 19 years in August 2010. The main reason for that has been the goal of improving quality of their lives and their families’ life by providing nutritious foods and empower the clients and reduce the stigma they are facing through psycho social support, guidance and counseling and vocational skills training in hairdressing and tailoring and designing. 

The main target group, when providing vocational skills training, is school drop outs infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. KYDA has been able to  give them training successfully with professional trainers but  the challenge has been lack of funds which make it impossible to provide start up kits for trainees’ during this semester after their graduation.

Even so, KYDA has recognized the importance of following up and aims to sustainability and long distance goals, both in grass root level, in client lives as well as improving the effectiveness of organization. Therefore, KYDA has search opportunities for example to co-operate with Ministry of Education and be registered as a training institute. Yet these goals take time and are long distance future plans. That is why KYDA has come up with a solution that might help both clients and Organization while waiting the economic situation to improve. 

Training is free of charge for HIV positives however at the moment we have one source of funding which is donor funding and there are no other incomes. That’s why KYDA has planned to train HIV positive youngsters and their care givers in craft making. While thinking that through successful training and through finding right markets, we could be able to direct the funds to the needs of the positive kids and their care givers!

This is part of our core activities of KYDA organization. The idea was developed by the Parent Support Group (PSGs) and the young positives on vocational skill training as a way of looking for a source of income which can sustain their livelihoods. Initially it was supported by two volunteers to kick start, during their course of volunteering at KYDA early this year 2012 and these were

  1. Matti Seppanen from Finland
  2. Reza Rahmani from Vancouver/Canada

This craft project is six months as of now.


  • the project still needs further support both financially and technical
  • the technical aspect includes marketing
  • we intend to produce a variety of products depending on the availability of market but as of now we have the following products as shown by the pictures below;

Baskets (different sizes), Japanese funs (different sizes), shoulder bags, wallets, money passes, hand bags, decoration items, trays.

If this project succeeds, it can help KYDA as an organization to sustain many other activities of the organization which are none generating income activities but can improve the welfare of the HIV +VE children and young positives .

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