Future Plans

  • Construction of a community health centre.  This will also have a training wing where the youth will be trained in various skills (vocational and life skills).  The centre will provide affordable health facilities to the OVCs and their households.  There will be youth corners and drop in centres for easy accessibility by the children.
  • Establish an agriculture entrepreneurship skills in one of the outskirt villages of Kampala were the children shall be taken for experiments in agriculture demonstrations for fruit growing, chicken gardens, poultry rearing, mash room growing, fish farming and etc.
  • Building a school for children who are mentally handicapped.


Long Term Plan

To contribute to the national orphans and other vulnerable children`s strategic plan that aims at achieving a comprehensive national programme plan of  interventions (NPPI) and a national orphanage and other vulnerable children`s policy (NOP) that results into sustainable reduction in HIV/AIDS orphans improve access to OVC services, care and support life planning skills  and education for job creation and practical work among youth out of school.

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